“Chinggis Khaan” museum opened its door to the public.
The Chinggis Khaan Museum is the nation’s largest museum and holds a collection of over 12000 cultural exhibits relating to Great Khans of the Mongol Empire and the history of Mongolia from Xiongnu to the end of the 20th century, with a portion of the collected artifacts on display in nine exhibition halls. The decision to establish royal museum was issued Decree No. 280 on July 3, 2019 by the Cabinet of Mongolia. 
President of Mongolia U.Khurelsukh, Chairman of the State Great Khural G.Zandanshatar, Prime Minister L.Oyun-Erdene, the State Great Khural and the Cabinet members, Mayor of Ulaanbaatar, Embassies in Mongolia, notable people of politics, social and culture participated in the grand opening ceremony.
President of Mongolia U.Khurelsukh: “We Mongolians should study and preserve the deeds of the Great Emperor Chinggis Khaan and his successors, promote and spread them not only in our country but also in the world is a sacred duty that every Mongolian should cherish from generation to generation. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the artists, painters, blacksmiths, builders, engineers and technical workers, civil servants, the Ministry of Culture, the administers and staff of the “Chinggis Khaan” Museum, and to all people and organizations, who contributed to this historical development, on behalf of the people of Mongolia.”

Precious metal acquisition increasing
According to the figures from September, the gold purchase of the Bank of Mongolia (BoM) was 2,416.4 kg, raising the BoM’s total precious metal purchase of 2022 to 15.0 tons. The figure shows an increase of 1 percent as compared with the same period of the previous year. Since the beginning of this year, the BoM branches in Darkhan-Uul and Bayankhongor aimags have bought 1,695.7 kg and 1,046.9 kg of precious metals respectively. In September, the average price of BoM’s purchase of 1 gram of gold was MNT 184,565 last month.

New policy for Mortgage loan

Bank of Mongolia made the following amendments to the regulation on mortgage loans. The Bank of Mongolia will finance 80 percent of the total funds for the mortgage program, and commercial banks will provide the remaining 20 percent starting this October. The increased amount of a loan to be issued through the source of BoM does not exceed MNT150 million in Ulaanbaatar and MNT100 million in rural areas starting from October 1, 2022. It was decided that If families moving to rural areas get a mortgage loan with an annual interest rate of 6 percent, the Loan Guarantee Fund can give a guarantee on a certain part of their 30 percent advance payments.

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