I would like to take this pleasant opportunity to thank you for visiting the website of the Institute for Strategic Studies, National Security Council, a think tank which aims to provide practical support in national security, development strategies in Mongolia by conducting scientifically based research.

The Institute for Strategic Studies, which laid the very first foundation for the development of modern security research in Mongolia, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Having served as an indispensable resource on international affairs through our network, the institute has played a leading role on developing and implementing comprehensive security concept and policy based on wide range of political and diplomatic efforts rather than using the traditional approach to ensure national security only in the military and defense spheres.

Mongolia’s external security environment is rapidly changing and becoming more complex due to intensified geostrategic conflicts between major powers and dramatic changes in the world order. In such a new environment, the mission and duty of the institute is to continue its efforts to advance the quality of its research work and provide relevant government organizations with timely and practical information, research findings and recommendations on critical national security issues.

Our researchers are fully committed to addressing future ahead that requires increased effort, skills and knowledge. We aim to constantly enrich our website with the contents that meet your interests and needs.

Director of the Institute for Strategic Studies,