Areas of Expertise:

  • Security (Information Security)
  • Information Technology (Military Command and Control, Communications Systems)

Biography: Khandsuren graduated from the Mongolian National Defense University (MNDU) as a Military Command, Tactics, and Communications Officer, and as a Communications Engineer. She received her M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Military Science from the Mongolian National Defense University. She received training in “Civil-Military Relations” in the Republic of Indonesia, “Cybersecurity” in the French Republic, and “Advanced Security Cooperation” in the United States of America. Read more

Name:  SOYOLGEREL Nyamjav

Areas of expertise: External environment of Mongolia’s security, Regionalism, National identity, Regional multilateral mechanisms

Biography: Soyolgerel Nyamjav is a Senior researcher at the Institute for Strategic Studies, National Security Council of Mongolia. Soyolgerel’s research focuses on the security studies especially Mongolia’s security Read more

Name: BATJARGAL Purevdorj

Areas of expertise:  International security

Mr. Batjargal.P is specialized and graduated strategy and security in numerous institutions in US, Russia, earned more than 20 years of experience in field of security and defense. Read more

Name: SODBILEG Burenbayar

Areas of expertise: domestic security and civil-military relations

Biography: Sodbileg Burenbayar, studied in Mongolia and South Korea, as a sociologist, in public administration, military, and security studies. He has worked for 24 years in the defense and academic research organization.

He did his Ph.D. in Security studies at the National University of Mongolia in 2017

English and Korean.

Name: ENKHMAA Erdene-Ochir

Areas of expertise: National security, Mongolian Anthropology, Medicine, Population Genetics, Bioelectrography

Biography: Prior to joining the ISS, Dr. Enkhmaa was the Scientific Secretary at the National Center for Anthropology of Mongolia. She graduated  Read more

Name: ERDENETSOGT Dorjpalam 

Areas of expertise: Russian Studies, International Security, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Terrorism, Refugees

Biography: D. Erdenetsogt graduated from military institutions in Russia, the United States, and Germany. He has been working in the field of military, defense, international peace and security for 44 years. Among them, he worked for 10 years as a professional chemical weapons expert at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in the Hague.  D. Erdenetsogt  has a PhD degree in military science, speaks Russian, English, French, and Arabic. He is a colonel, and master of Sports of Mongolia. In 2023, D. Erdenetsogt made a presentations at the international conference of the Valdai Club and the Astana Security Forum.

Name: ALTANKHUU Badarch

Areas of Expertise:

  • National security policy 
  • Mongolia’s external security environment (Security policies of “Third neighbors”)
  • Border Security and Management

Biography: Altankhuu graduated from the Mongolian Defense University and Mongolian National University. He received his master’s degrees from the University of Glasgow, UK in international law, and National Defense University, PRC in Military science and Strategic studies. He studied National Security and Strategy at Army War College, USA, and currently working towards his Ph.D. in foreign policy in national security at National Defense University, Mongolia. He has experience working as an inspector, officer, senior officer, head of section and department, and deputy head in the BPO, as well as in the Executive office of NSC, and the Institute for Strategic Studies.

Name: JARGALSAIKHAN Yondonsuren

Areas of Expertise: International economics, disaster management, transportation, and infrastructure sector security

Biography: Jargalsaikhan graduated from the Moscow Road Transport Institute, Russia, and National University of Mongolia, University of Science and Technology. He is a road transportation engineer and an engineer consultant of Mongolia. Dr. Jargalsaikhan completed various professional development training, including Japan JICA’s Intelligent Transportation System, Public Transportation Planning, Earthquake Protection Training, Disaster Management, Advanced Security Training at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies. He holds a master’s degree in international economics and doctoral degree in business administration.


Areas of expertise: Environmental security, Climate change adaptation, Sustainable development, Green development

Biography: Nominbolor graduated from National University of Mongolia with bachelor’s and master’s degree in chemistry, and a master’s degree in environmental studies from the University of Melbourne, Australia. She previously worked as a researcher in the Department of environmental studies at the National Development Institute, and has experience in national and local development policy, socio-ecological vulnerabilities, and adaptation to climate change.


Areas of expertise: Security Policy, Traditional security, International security, Foreign policy, International relations

Biography: Bazarvaani Gungaa graduated from the School of International Relations at the National University of Mongolia, specializing in French research and foreign affairs. Additionally, he obtained a master’s degree in linguistics from the School of Mongolian Language and Culture at the same university, and pursued further studies at the Faculty of Philosophy at Westphalian Wilhelm University in Münster, Germany. He has also completed professional development training programs in China, India, Germany, and France

His professional experience includes roles such as a French language teacher at the School of Mongolian Language and Culture of the National University of Mongolia, a researcher and department head at the ISS, and leading professorial teams at the Academy Management School of National Defense University of Mongolia. He also served as the head of the Foreign Relations and Cooperation Office at the school.

Name: DAGIISUREN Dorjderem

Areas of expertise:

  • Sino studies
  • Sino-Mongolian relations
  • Northeast Asian studies

Biography: Dr. Dagiisuren has graduated School of Foreign service of the National University of Mongolia with bachelor degree. Later she earned her master’s degree from the same university. She earned her doctor’s degree in political science at the Jilin university (PRC). She served as expert in Executive office of the National Security council of Mongolia and currently serving as senior expert at the ISS.

Name: ARIUNBOLD Tsetsenkhuu

Areas of expertise: 

  • Domestic security, social protests issue
  • Public opinion
  • National unity
  • Religion

Biography: He did his B.A. and M.A. in Political sciences at the National University of Mongolia. Ariunbold is currently working toward his PhD in the department of Political science at the Mongolian National University of Mongolia (NUM) as well.