Established in 1990, the Institute for Strategic Studies is a research organization dedicated to support national security, diplomacy and development strategies by undertaking policy-relevant research and providing analyses of critical national security issues. The objectives of the institute are to conduct comprehensive analysis of international and regional affairs, security cooperation and positive and negative factors that may affect national security; to support the development of the basis for the strategic direction of national policy; and to provide the National Security Council of Mongolia with scientifically based analysis and policy recommendations.

Main activities

The Institute for Strategic Studies cooperates with other like-minded research institutions and organizations in order to coordinate its research in the field of national security of Mongolia. The activities are aimed at ensuring the coordination of research work related to national security, exchange of information, and increasing the role and participation of research organizations in the decision-making process on national security issues.

The Institute’s research direction, policy, and scope of topics are based on the principle of securing favorable external and internal conditions to ensure the core national interests reflected in the National Security Concept.