The 12th international mining and oil exhibition “Mongolia Mining 2023” was opened at the Buyant-Ukhaa Sports Palace in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

At the exhibition, over 200 businesses in filed of mining, oil extraction and exploration, service and equipment suppliers, consulting companies, investors promoting their products and services, and displaying their equipments. Those companies representing more than 20 countries, including China, Russia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Australia, Belarus, Germany, Austria, the United States, Finland, Kazakhstan, the Republic of Korea, and the Republic of Moldova. This exhibition is taking place at a time when the mining industry is recovering after the pandemic and the economy is growing rapidly. The executive seminars will be organized during the exhibition and will introduce the development of the Mongolian mining industry, global trends, and the purchase policies and plans of large businesses, responsible mining. Moreover, mining industry experts will exchange opinions and share international experience on investment and sustainable development issues.

Following the exhibition, the “Mongolian mining week” international conference will be held on 9-13 of October. The conference aimed to develop responsible and transparent mining industry. The Ministry of Mining and heavy industry of Mongolia and the National Mining Association of Mongolia will jointly organize the conference for five days. Expected outcome of the conference is to determine the competitiveness of the industry, developing products that meet global trends and market demand, ensuring the participation of citizens and the public in government policy decisions, restoring a favorable investment environment. More than 300 guests, representatives and investors from twenty countries including Australia, Austria, Canada, USA, Republic of Korea, China, Russia, United Kingdom, Germany, Republic of Korea, Japan, Finland, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, France, Spain and Pakistan will join the conference. Over 3000 representatives of local businesses will also participate the conference.

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