The Institute for Strategic studies of Mongolia and the Institute for National Security Strategy of the Republic of Korea jointly organized a “ISS-INSS Security Dialogue”. In this Dialogue, the two side discussed, Northeast Asian regional security and challenges, and joint achievements across a wide range of issues.

During the dialogue, both sides were exchanged ideas on Northeast Asian security challenges, the current state of strategic partnership relations cooperation between the two countries, including people-to-people relations, and activities to be implemented jointly by the two countries in the future.

Director of the Institute for Strategic studies of Mongolia professor B. Davaadorj, dean and deputy director Dr. J. Mendee headed discussion from Mongolian side, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Social Security and Labor also attended the discussion. From the Republic of Korea, President of the Institute for National Security Strategy, Dr. Han Sukhee leaded the delegation of researchers.

On this occasion, the two institutes signed a renewed “Memorandum of Understanding” on cooperation.

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