Jointly with the Office of the President, the Institute for Defense Studies and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation of Germany, the Institute for the Strategic Studies organized the first lessons learned women peacekeepers’ conference under the theme “The Participation of Women in Peacekeeping Operations” on November 18, 2021. Since 2006, Mongolia has deployed 990 women peacekeepers in the UN peacekeeping as well as coalition peace support operations in Afghanistan. It was apparent from the discussions that Mongolia would need a comprehensive policy to increase the number of women peacekeepers and to contribute to the aims of the United Nations Security Council Resolution on Women Peace and Security (1325). The Institute of Strategic Studies has a long history of its contribution of policy studies and recommendations on the country’s peacekeeping deployments. In fact, the institute conducted the first policy feasibility studies for the deployment of the Mongolian military to the United Nations peacekeeping in 1993.

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