The Conference dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Institute for Strategic Studies (ISS) of the National Security Council (NSC) of Mongolia was held on April 29, 2022. The conference was attended by the officials of the Secretariat of the National Security Council, the former directors and deans of research of the ISS, and the directors of partner institutes.  

After the opening speech by B.Davaadorj, Director of the ISS, D.Ariunbold, Chief of Executive Office of the NSC, read out a congratulatory message from J.Enkhbayar, Secretary of the NSC. Congratulatory e-greetings by the foreign partner institutes for the 30th anniversary of the Institute were also played at the opening of the conference. These included Mr. Fradkov. M. E., Director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, Russia, Mr. Yuan Peng, President of the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, China, Mr. Ki-Jung Kim, President of the Institute for National Security Strategy, Republic of Korea, and Mr. Jagannath P. Panda, Head of the Stockholm Center for South Asian and Indo-Pacific Affairs, Institute for Security and Development Policy (formerly Director of Northeast Asia Center, Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses, India). Since 1995, the Institute has signed memorandums of understanding with more than 30 think tanks and research institutes in Russia, China, India, Turkey, North Korea, South Korea and Japan.

The conference was organized under two sessions, “Vision for the future of research organizations” and “Role of the research organizations”. The presentation topics for discussion included “Think tank…?”, “New situation: Goals and objectives of the Institute for Strategic Studies”, “The role of the Strategic Studies journal in the development of security studies” and “The role of the Institute for Strategic Studies in the field of security”.

In an effort to conduct study on the peace and security situation of Mongolia in the context of the international military and strategic environment, a non-staff Center for Strategic Studies was established within the Institute of Military History in 1990, and in 1991, the center was transferred to the Ministry of Defense, laying the foundation for security research in Mongolia. In 2006, The ISS became affiliated to the NSC and has since successfully fulfilled its mission to provide information, research and recommendations to the NSC. In 1994, the Institute developed for the first time the National Security Concept and the Foreign Policy Concept of Mongolia, and provided information, research, and recommendations for the revision of the National Security Concept in 2010.

Today, the Institute has become a reputable research institution at home and abroad. In addition to supporting the NSC with timely, rigorous, in-depth research, the Institute represents Mongolia in Channel Two regional talks. The Institute also publishes its findings to the public and researchers.

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